Frequently Asked Questions

How to scan code via mobile phone ?

1. Take a screenshot or download QR
2. Open your UPI app. select the QR code scanner and scan it from image.
3. You'll be able to browse through your files to find the screenshot with the QR code.
4. Confirm the payment
5. After that, enter 12 digit UTR/Refrence No. or attach payment slip screenshot.
6. Hit submit button and you're done

How to scan QR code via desktop ?

1. Open your upi app on mobile phone. select the QR code scanner
2. Hold your phone over the QR code on desktop display so that it's clearly visible within the scan area.
3. Confirm the payment
4. After that, enter 12 digit UTR/Refrence No. or attach payment slip screenshot.
5. Hit submit button and you're done

Payment systems ?
The recommended amount to send to new UPI ID details is less than 2000 INR. If you are sending money to the given details for the first time, please send less than 2000 rupees - so your payment will arrive quickly. / यूपीआई के माध्यम से पहली बार फंड ट्रांसफर करने के लिए अनुशंसित राशि 2000 से कम है। यदि आप भुगतान शीघ्रता से करने के लिए पहली बार स्थानांतरण कर रहे हैं तो कृपया 2000 रुपये से नीचे भेजें।
If client asking for refund ?
If request is already approved from our side then we cant make refund.
What is the limit for the deposit ?
Here is the deposit limit via payment method:

UPI - Minimum - 1000 INR   Maximum - 50,000 INR
IMPS - Minimum - 1000 INR   Maximum - 2,00,000 INR
NEFT - Minimum - 1000 INR   Maximum - 5,00,000 INR
RTGS - Minimum - 1000 INR   Maximum - 10,00,000 INR.
What is minimun and maximum payout/withdrawals ?
Minimum 1,000/- INR and maximum 49,000/- INR.
What is the payout/withdrawl timeframe that the client will receive the funds ?
Usually it will take 5 to 10 min from our side but sometime it will take 72hours due to weekends bank holidays or bank server issue.
When client has paid in our old account then why he didn't receive fund ?
We dont allow to use old account in this case Always Ask users to use only accounts which are running currently and not old accounts.
Why we dont allow to use UPI Lite Version ?
A lighter version of UPI, designed for small-value transactions, it have limitation UPI-Lite is an on-device wallet its process low value transactions that have been set at below ₹2000.
The user has made the payment but still why does his payment remain pending ?
In this case user has paid but he didn't sumbit UTR no. or screenshot he need to submit atleast 1 proof utr or screenshot then we will confirm/approved from our end.
What if client deposit funds by cash in bank ?
Cash Deposits are strictly not allowed we cant accept such request.
How and where should I put a UTR and payment slip attachement ?
How to Payment via Netbanking NEFT method ?
How to do Payment via UPI intent Method ?
Why users are not able to do payment more than 2000/-? via UPI ?
Our UPI is compatible with all the apps (e.g phonepe google pay, paytm, bhim UPI, mobikwik, amazon pay etc) , incase user uploads QR from the phone gallery the limit is set to 2000 INR by default for all the service providers. For more information, Kindly refer to the video clip
What is a payment gateways ?
A payment gateways is a technology solution businesses can use to accept payments digitally. It can be integrated into web or mobile platforms to enable transactions via one or more payment modes, like UPI, credit or debit cards, and net banking. When a customer makes a payment, the payment gateways securely deals with the customer’s sensitive data, such as card or UPI details. It then verifies the payment details and checks if the customer has sufficient funds in the source account to make the purchase. Once that is done, it starts the process of facilitating the funds to move from the customer’s account to the merchant’s. The customer gets a confirmation of whether the payment has been accepted or declined. Payment gateway providers are crucial in facilitating online transactions between merchants, customers, and banks.
What are cricpayz payment gateways charges ?
At cricpayz, there are no setup or maintenance charges for the payment gateways. In case, you want to know the exact price breakup for each payment mode, kindly contact us below.
Why choose cricpayz payment gateways ?
Cricpayz is one of the leading online payment gateways in India & has empowered 5 lakh+ businesses so far. It enables businesses to collect digital payments across multiple online payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, IMPS , QR, UPI, Wallets, and more. cricpayz has direct integrations with almost all major banks and networks and promises the highest transaction success rates.
What is the settlement cycle of the cricpayz payment gateways ?
Settlements are T+0 11:am to 5:pm IST (GMT+5.5) Weekends and Money Transfer holidays there are no settlements.


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